Sunday, November 25, 2007


Another Wealthy Leftist Snob Calls the Kettle...Rich and Snobby

Where do these idiots come from – Really?

I'm sure many have already read of Heather Mills McCartney's whine regarding the horrors of wealth and her reluctant need to mingle with wealthy people for the sole purpose of "maximizing her power as an agent for change" (delusions of grandeur). Along with the class warfare chant went the obligatory reference to bringing about "the common good."

For this latest from the world of wealthy socialist nonsense, Heather Mills McCartney wins the Promethean Antagonist award to go live in the socialist gulag of her choice to eat grass – equally – with fellow followers of anti-freedom.

...The paranoia, the delusions, the bottled rage wrapped in contrived peace loving hypocrisy – time for name-calling; what a stupid fool.

...Speaking of the "greater good," The People's Cube (scroll down to "The Ant Bully: Introduction to Anthill Socialism") captures the absurdity of one of Hollywood's recent gulag for kids indoctrination anime's.


Christmas in Japan

I've noted this before in past Christmas / "neutral-ambiguous holiday" times. Japan is a predominantly Buddhist and Shinto country. It's extremely ironic that here I can find the Christmas of my childhood; with decorations, Santas, Christmas Carols, and – the most horrid of Post-Modern blasphemies – signs that say, "Merry Christmas." Of course it's no secret that many places in America where the cultural left has imposed itself, hints that the "holiday season" may have roots in traditional celebration or (Gasp!) the dominant religion of America (Christianity) are to be frowned upon – or banished.

School boards, politicians, and other "spokespersons" with power, have done their best to neutralize any reference to the dreaded religious wing of "Western Imperialism." But....when it comes to Ramadan or other celebrations in the religion of misogyny and beheadings, well, cut 'em some slack. After all, Islam just wants what the lefts wants, the complete elimination of Western Civilization and its values.

One needn't be a Christian to simply appreciate a colorful time of festive goodwill and celebration. Since the French Revolution the Jacobin crowd has done it's best to eradicate hints, references, or homage to a religion they feel compelled to compete with (Leftist ideology IS a religion!).

So, Merry Christmas! If you have difficulty feeling the spirit of such times, come to Japan, eat some sushi, listen to Christmas carols, and escape the contrived edicts of leftland and its sterile authoritarian views of live and celebration.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Ask Yourself...

...What Would Muhammad Do?...

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Judging an Ideology by its Friends

Before the advent of pop-Islamo-Jihad I knew I could always count on those I conversed with on the left to belittle and chastise conventional western religious practices. The Catholic church was their favorite. Often passionate references were made to the horrors of some witches being burned three or four hundred years ago. A close second object of the left's scorn was held for the ignorant clowns of tele-evangelism. People like Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson (total idiots to be sure). I had often heard of the emerging fascist threat posed by some narrow-minded preachers. They didn't cut anybody's head off or fly planes into buildings, but the great danger was always there. They were the religious wing of those other great threats to the establishment of socialist paradise; people who wanted less taxes, a free economy, and adherence to constitutional self-government.

So, what's up with the "tolerance", and often outright sympathy, for the backward violent cult of rigid fundamentalist Islam? This isn't a groundless accusation, one can find such sympathies everywhere, everyday in media, "entertainment," and "education." Among most on the left, Islam is the most chic thing to ally oneself with since the advent of the Che Guevara t-shirt.

What could be more ironic in the left's history of bizarre hypocrisies than their recent sympathies for a religion based on the hallucinations of a 6th century sexist, warrior, businessman? (His relations with a nine year old girl don't count in the analysis because many leftists would consider that a "choice of lifestyle").

I might also add; Does any rational person really believe that the creator of the Universe would "tell" a guy how many wives he can have, what food to eat, and to spread these rules and others "by the sword," killing or torturing random innocents so some backward angry savages can gain and hold power?

Welcome to the Jacobin mind in all its splendor; a stance dedicated to "justice, equality, progress," and tolerance for the greatest threat to civilized open society since the advent of their own failed project -- Marxist-Leninism. fools.

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